Upholding Biblical Truth in Origins

As Christians we see a straight-forward timeline of events relating to the creation of the universe and of life itself. We shouldn’t compromise the historical narrative provided in the book of Genesis.

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Can Creation Scientists be Wrong?

Of course creation scientists can be wrong! Any scientist can get something wrong – it happens every day to humans everywhere. However, when a creation scientist is wrong about a theory based on the Bible, that does not mean the Bible is wrong. This is an important concept for Christians to understand. One area, for Continue Reading…

Even more evidence that dinosaur bones are not millions of years old

You may remember the first discovery of soft tissue found in a T-Rex fossilized bone some 15 years ago. ┬áDr. Mary Schweitzer and team made the discovery and have been under heavy criticism ever since. Dr. Schweitzer has responded to every claim through scientific testing, observation, and re-testing. Yet, the critics will not yield. Perhaps Continue Reading…

The age of the earth and politics

Why would GQ magazine ask a Republican Senator how old the earth is? I cannot say why, but I can say that the answer could reveal a lot.